Inside the barn

built in 1954, we set up a new brewery in 2013. The brewery consists of a total of 11 tanks. A mash vat, a kettle, a hot water tank, six fermentation tanks, and two clarification tanks. Four fermentation tanks hold 1150 liters, and two have approx. 2500 liters. Much of the beer is fermented in these tanks under controlled conditions.

I kjelleren

under den nye delen av låven ligger øl til lagring på eikefat av ulik størrelse. Denne kjelleren ble bygd i 2016 sammen med den nye delen av låven. Her finnes det i dag ca 130 eikefat med både øl og cider til lagring og ettergjæring.

In the cellar

under the new part of the barn, we have beer resting on oak barrels of different sizes. This cellar was built in 2016, together with the new part of the barn. There are currently around 130 oak barrels with beer and cider for aging and post-fermentation.

on the third floor

of the barn stands an open vessel. In autumn, when the weather conditions are right, we brew beer that is spontaneously fermented with wild yeast from the air at Lindheim. The brewing process itself is different from our “normal” beers.

We use different types of malt, raw wheat, old hops, and other mashing methods. After boiling, the wort is cooled in this open vessel called a “coolship.” Here, wild yeast is caught on the surface of the wort.

The magical air at Lindheim is full of mysterious microbes and yeast suitable for creating something unique from our region.